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Drawing The Maggot King by Will Jacques
Artwork: The Maggot King by Will Jacques

Recording Our Skullsong
Michael A. Arnzen

Why memorialize the mud beneath burial mounds?
Why erase ourselves into the dust of dust,
or allow others to chisel our names
into permanent shapes we did not choose?
Our lives are like record albums
needling the grooves of our brains
but no one plays our recordings but us
when we live to remember.

If only the electricity of thought
could fire lightning
across the brain's surface
storming the fluids and
etching the significance
of key moments into the underside
of our silent skulls -- secrets
to be cracked open upon our death.

We could set our bone plates up in the morgue
like fine china saucers along the wall:
memories for mourners to read and marvel over.
Should our sins be too unforgivable
we could allow the scornful to shatter our skulls
and dissolve our misdeeds by stamping
them to powder percussively underfoot.

No one is keeping score
but the most impressive would remain
on display and on display again
if they mark the skulls of onlookers
writing their chorus across time.

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Slayer's Ballet
Michael A. Arnzen

steel-toed pirouette
twisting on the vampire's chest
geyser bubbling blood jet
fountain getting faces wet
shower in the red sunset --
still, she isn't dead yet


This Bonfire
Michael A. Arnzen

the French call it bon feu
which means "good fire"
but this bonfire
is not so good
it rages flames
and spits embers
and wet tinder fights with
the oxygen it swallows
just like you did
and I breathe in your sludgy smoke
and let its perfume soak into my clothing
and I must say
I admire all the colors it makes
in the conflagration of your flesh
it's like a drop-dead dress of red-blue satin
slipping off to reveal the dead of night
shadows behind the shapes it once held up
but it's not quite there yet, not quite a
bone feu


Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner
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