Dissections logo scissors body by Deena Warner


Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner





Artwork: Untitled 16 by
Gill Robinson

Gina Wisker

And here we hang and wait, half formed.
Still, still turning, with some vague half hope
towards the half-seen light, the hazy, globular, diffused
the half familiar remnants of direction –
its shafts confusing, indefinable
promising reignition – but in the end
eyeless, random, null.

We’re paralysed, half morphed and leaking,
going nowhere.
Mere remnants of before.
Like unworn clothing in the wardrobe
shapeless, formless, barely recalling the body
that once inhabited and walked out
in them, moving among others, bringing to life
both clothes and body
noisily, busily going somewhere
in the sunshine.

Not now.
More husk than chrysalis,
on permanent hold.
We hang faceless


Untitled 11 painting by Gill Robinson

Artwork: Untitled 11 by Gill Robinson

Gina Wisker

Hesitant and defamiliar
among the slivers of icy rain
the shards of glass
I no longer know or see
what my reflection is in others’ faces
cannot reach out to touch or comfort
just wave hello / goodbye
from unimaginable cyber distances
diffused through broken mirrors.
We’re restless, separate slivers
of humanity
accidentally strayed
into a house of horrors.
Caught in the brilliant
cutting frame, our
Iive responses time delayed
and only managed
through splinters
of space and light.
Eyeless, empty, terrible
we’re trapped
in shards of glass.



Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner
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