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Artwork: Jakhot's Trolls by Will Jacques

See You Later
Donna Hooley

I found myself in Death's backyard, collapsed against the torn screen door.
Flies, blue-black in the wan light and gray smoke, buzzed in past me.

There were a lot of them – at the door, in the smoke,
Around the rusted, flame-filled barrels
Lined up down slope and away.

I raised my chin off my chest, regarded rows and rows
Of granite pedestals topped with crystal vases
Full of freshcut flowers quickly wilting, fluttering down,
Turning into faded plastic roses as they touched the ground.

There were a lot of them, in heaps or mixed in
With the earth and fingernails,
The hair and teeth, the scabs and bits of flesh.

I toppled forward off the stoop, lifted my head,
Spit out a mouthful of fresh-turned earth,
Made it to my knees but could not stand,
Part of one leg gone.
I squeezed handfuls of the pebbly, wet earth,
And watched the blood drip down.

Time to go or time to knock.
Slowly, keeping to the shadows,
I began to crawl away.


Origin Unknown
Donna Hooley

Isaac Bashevis Singer says
Kafka believed in the golem –
A creature of a counter world, irrational –
Believed there must be a magic word
To cast the clay into a living being.

The speech pathologist seemed to think
The word was "ball" –
"Teach him to say 'ball,'" she'd said,
As if I could write it on a piece of paper
And stuff it in his head.

He's no manmade monster:
We got him in the usual way,
Though I don't know
When the fairies came.
He grew no wings or carapace
To define the moment when
His agonizing cries, foul temper,
And voracious appetites
Were born.


Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner
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