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Artwork: The Mangrove Hunter by Will Jacques

All Saints Day

Regina M. Hansen

On each porch,
a jack-o’-lantern,
black edged,
or gnawed by squirrels,
scattered bits
of pale orange flesh.

of paper ghosts,
string and ribbon,
shaving cream.
Brown oak leaves skittering dryly across asphalt,
or piled in heaps,
the possible dead bird,
the dog leavings,
the crumpled piece of tissue,
the poisoned rat.


Eensie Weensie
Regina M. Hansen

For the children of the Somerville Public Library

All we know is that it is small,
its task sisyphean,
its purpose a mystery,
except to climb
and keep climbing.
The rain is its antagonist.

Always, there is singing
and hand gestures
that nobody is quite sure how to do,

nobody except the kindergarten teacher
and the story time librarian.

The metaphysical spider,
the spider of all spiders.
What is the spider’s cause?
What does it cause?

Its existence is contingent on the movement of the water.
It has many degrees of being,
multifarious, teleological, designed?

The secular spider is agnostic on the subject.

The socratic spider examines its life,
and decides against the climb.

The spider’s platonic form remains elusive.

The impermeable spider,
the existential spider,
its size and shape mere conjecture,
which is part of its appeal.

The very haunted spider,
haunted and haunting.
It is and it is not,
is washed away
and returns.

The vegan spider died out.
Spiders are obligate carnivores.

The spider endures,
impervious to drowning.
Always, always
the song,
the climb in the hot sun.
Encountering, always, the downpour.


Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner
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